Best Tailgating Generators

     Power generators are among the pieces of invaluable equipment that homeowners must own and invest on. When there are power outages or where you are in locations where plugging to the electric grid is not possible, your portable power generator can come very handy.

     Generators form an integral part of your tailgating kit. The unit is essential to power up the television, sound system, and refrigerator; without which you cannot tailgate properly. Many tailgating power generator falls under the 2000 wattage level. But, if you are not certain how much power exactly you will need, you have to total every single appliance’s wattage you will use for your tailgating to find out the average. When you are deciding which is the best portable power generator for your tailgating activity, you must decide on whether or not you want a portable generator or inverter generator.

What Is Tailgating Anyway?

Tailgating is a social event or gathering that consists of an informal meal usually barbecue that is served on the back of a parked trailer or RV, usually on a backcountry, campsite, or parking lot.

Portable Generators vs. Inverter Generators


There is a great difference between a portable generator and inverter generator types. They are simply summed up below:

Portable Generators

  • Dual fuel capacity - uses either propane or unleaded gasoline
  • Basically noisier
  • Inexpensive
  • Less clean power and your appliances can be at risk
  • Fuel inefficient

Inverter Generators

  • They use gasoline
  • Clean power and is 100% safe to use for your sensitive home appliances
  • Quiet motor when running
  • Expensive
  • Very fuel efficient


Tailgating Generator Uses

  1. Backup power supply during inclement weather conditions

Do you live in a location where there are heavy storms and rains? You must invest in a portable tailgating generator to help power up your essential appliances whenever harsh conditions cause power outages. If you likewise live in a location where there are freezing high temperatures, you cannot depend on electricity from the utility grid to power up your heaters and air conditioners. The best way is to invest in a portable generator.


  1. Outdoor recreational and tailgating activities


Make camping fun and memorable for everyone by bringing a portable power source. With portable generators, you can enjoy your outdoor activity with the conveniences of home living such as small refrigerator, coffee maker, and the capability to charge your smartphone and other handheld devices. The portable generator can support lighting which affords security and safety while on a remote backcountry area camping or tailgating.


  1. Construction and other backyard activities


For contractors working on a remote location or a homeowner working on your backyard or patio, a portable generator enables you to use tools like spray guns, roofing guns, and electric drills, etc. It allows you to use security lights and go on working even late in the evening. Those who are running businesses can reap the benefits of a portable generator, so they can run their businesses 24/7 even if there are power outages.


Features To Look For In A Tailgating Generator


In order for you to get the best value for your money, you must consider the following features in a tailgating generator:


  1. Electric Start


A lot of the portable generator sets found in the market today come with a push button or pull-start mechanism for starting their generators. Make sure you get the electric start for easy use. Check if the battery for this feature is included in the package.


  1. Alternative or Dual Fuel


Many portable generators make use of gas only, but there are hybrid types that use natural gas or propane gas. Some of them can even be converted with the help of special kits.

  1. Wheels

Some portable generators will need you to buy separate wheels. These wheels can cost as much as $150. Moving the wheeled generator on your own can be easy, but without them, it is hard to do so.

  1. The Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge is very useful as it enables you to check the fuel level, which is particularly useful during extended power outages.


  1. Inverter Technology


Experience cleaner and safer power output with your inverter portable generator which assures best power supply for your sensitive appliances. These generators are best for tailgating and camping as they tend to operate very silently.


  1. Low Oil Shutdown


Choose a generator that will easily shut down automatically when your oil is below the specified safe levels. This is very useful and can prolong the life of your generator unit. A good variety of portable generators offer this useful feature.


  1. Detachable Console


The detachable console feature allows you to directly plug appliances straight into the generator set without having to use the risky and pesky extension cords.


  1. Multiple Outlets


The right portable generator set can offer 4 or more outlets to enable you to use the wattage properly as to spread the load. But, you must use all the outlets on an outdoor tailgating for emergencies cases only.


General Tips for Tailgating Generator Care and Maintenance

  1. Before you refuel your generator, make sure you allow it to cool down.
  2. If you intend to use your generator nonstop, stock up as much as 12-20 gallons of fuel a day, depending on the size of the generator.
  3. Do not let water to come in contact with your generator. This can result in possible electrocution or generator break down.
  4. Regularly check and change your generator’s oil and filters to ensure it will work in best shape always.
  5. Never run your generator in an enclosed location. The exhaust has carbon monoxide that can be toxic when inhaled.
  6. Do not back feed the generator output back to the utility grid. It can make the utility line become live and injure any utility technician working on the electric line.

When shopping for your tailgating generator set, do not rush it. Buy when you are not in urgent need of a power generator. The moment you know exactly the power output of your generator that will match your power needs, opt for the best one with useful features.

Moreover, it is important to read generator reviews to know and understand the many features as well as advantages and disadvantages of each type. You would be better able to choose the best generator to meet all your power needs.

5 Best Tailgating Generators

Whether you are having pre-game football festivities, or simply hanging out with friends and family by the beach, your tailgating experience is not complete without the entertainment.


In order for you to power up your radio, television, or electric griller, you will need a portable tailgating generator set.


Finding the best generator set can seem challenging, but we have reviewed the best tailgating generators for you, you can read which one offers the best below.

1、Pulsar 2,200W Portable Dual Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator with USB Port


Enjoy the versatility and convenience of Pulsar 2,200W Portable Dual Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator with USB Outlet & Parallel Capability. Pulsar’s PG2200BiS offers 2200 peak watts and it is a dual fuel inverter generator that can use gas or propane. It is compact, lightweight, and best for tailgating, camping, and other outdoor recreational activities. The Pulsar’s PG2200BiS comes with a USB port to allow you safe and clean power supply to your most sensitive electronics.


The dual fuel capability of Pulsar’s PG2200BiS  allows you to choose between gas or propane sources, and its quiet inverter feature allows for a silent generator even as close as 10 feet away. Experience an 8 hour uninterrupted run time on a single tank of gasoline, or a 75-minutes of run time on a 1 lbs LPG tank.


2、WEN 56225i Super Quiet 2250-Watt Portable Inverter Generator


WEN 2,250 Watt Inverter Generator guarantees clean power supply devoid of voltage spikes and or drops sans the noisy regulator generator. The WEN 2,250 Watt Inverter Generator can produce 2250 watts at peak and 1800 watts constant power.


The WEN 2,250 Watt Inverter Generator runs on a 79.7cc 4 stroke OHV engine which is extremely silent at 53 decibels. This is guaranteed quieter than your air-conditioning unit or a regular conversation. This prevents the invasiveness of generators while tailgating, camping, or hunting. The WEN 2,250 Watt Inverter Generator has a built-in fuel shutoff. It switches off the fuel flow when the fuel level is low. This can help fight off the accumulation of blocks and stagnant fuel in the carburetor, hence minimizing maintenance and servicing which prolongs the life of your tailgating generator.


The WEN 2,250 Watt Inverter Generator has a power output designed to mimic pure sine wave, this limits the overall harmonic distortions. This makes it safe to operate mobile phones, tv monitors, laptops, and other sensitive electronic types. Its one-gallon tank offers over 6 hours of run time at 50% load. You can maximize fuel economy by switching on the eco-mode feature.


3、POWERSMITH PGA2200i Portable 2200 Watt 1 Gallon Gas Power Inverter Generator

The POWERSMITH PGA2200i Portable 2200 Watt is a portable gas fuelled, 1-gallon tank generator that is a perfect travel partner for tailgating, camping, or performs outdoor recreational activities. It provides 1700 watts for peak and 2200 surge wattage. The generator set can operate uninterruptedly for 6 hours at approximately 50% load and 10 hours at 25% load. It comes with a lift and pull handle and 2 wheels on the rear side for easy access and transportation. In addition, the POWERSMITH PGA2200i Portable 2200 Watt is equipped with 2 x 120 volts AC outlets, 2 USB portals, and 1x12-volt DC outlet at 7.5 amp for your appliances and gadgets.


4、Generac 7117 GP2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator


Generac 7117 GP2200i offers outdoor enthusiasts a portable power solution perfect for their outdoor and other tailgating activities. Enjoy a weekend in the woods for an outdoor barbecue or get together as this generator is silent and non-intrusive while running in the wild. Generac 7117 GP2200i utilizes TruePower technology which makes it capable of providing clean power which is required by many sensitive electronics, appliances, and other implements. This generator set is highly compact and lightweight for easy transportation and comes with an economy mode to assure efficient fuel consumption even when used in extended periods of time.


Whether you and your friends are tailgating for the big game, or you simply want to have a fun and comfortable camping experience, Generac 7117 GP2200i is the best generator for you.


5、XtremepowerUS 2000-Watt Digital Inverter Powered Generator


The XtremepowerUS 2000-Watt Digital Inverter Powered Generator is specially built to offer clean power supply for your appliances and offers longer run time. It comes equipped with a powerful 4-stroke air cooled gasoline engine that provides 1600 watts of consistent running power and 2000 watts at peak. This compact and lightweight tailgating generator are perfect for your home, RV, tailgating, or camping trip with its dependable and powerful energy output.

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