5 Best Diesel Generators

For those of you who plan to buy a diesel generator for optimal standby power supply, you must also know the many advantages and disadvantages of diesel generators. A diesel power generator is an economical alternative power source that enables you to run it at low operating costs when compared with natural gas, gasoline, or propane gas generators. However, the pros and cons of this backup power system will have to depend on its use and overall maintenance to keep it in its maximum running performance.


What Is A Diesel Generator


The diesel power generator is an equipment that is specially indicated for applications that require sufficient power supply for seamless running operation. It can convert diesel fuel into electrical energy, with the help of diesel combustion.


A diesel is a kind of engine, and the fuel is also called diesel fuel. When compared to other fuel types such as gasoline, it can burn at very high temperatures. And so, it is highly efficient and guarantees greater power to the generator. The only drawback is diesel generators require periodic maintenance for it to work properly and supply you uninterrupted power.


Diesel Generator Load


The market offers various types of fuel powered generator sets. The diesel generator types are one of them. Diesel generators are considered to have a longer life, is less flammable, and takes a very small level of maintenance. They can be easily obtained and possess very good fuel consumption compared to other generators in the market today. An average diesel generator can work for about 20000 hours before it requires service or maintenance, and diesel engines do not have spark plugs.


Diesel generators can either be air-cooled or liquid-cooled and come in various speeds. The air-cooled diesel generator units can be louder, whereas the liquid cooled is far more quiet and reliable. It has an 1800 RPM speed and lasts long and are more quiet, while the units with 3600 RPM are lighter and smaller.


The capacity of a diesel generator will depend on how many electric appliances you have to operate during a power outage. Usually, a 12-16 KW diesel generator can suffice in meeting a whole family’s needs in the event of a power outage. When you calculate the load of your diesel generator, you must take into account each home appliance power has different power requirements, so depending on the energy needs of your home, results can vary.


Advantages of Diesel Generator Set

Owning a diesel generator set at home can be one of the best ways you can ensure that you always have electricity regardless of the situation. Whether you want to have power in case of an emergency or you want to save on your monthly electric bills, or you wish to live off the grid, having a diesel generator set at home will be one of the best investments you make.

Here are some of the advantages of a diesel generator:

  1. Diesel generators are durable when compared to gasoline or other engines as well as other mobile power resources.
  2. Diesel generators can work for extended hours and at the same time cool down very fast.
  3. Using diesel as fuel for your generator can save you to as much as 25%-35% in operating costs because it generates more power than gasoline.
  4. Depending on your power supply demands, diesel generators are easily accessed in every structure type conceivable. You can have portable diesel generators and even the movable ones for ease of use and transport.
  5. Diesel generators are sufficient power-supply systems, you can use it in almost every output range such as those from 15000 KW to 20000 KW.
  6. Maintenance of diesel generators is far less expensive when compared to its gasoline counterparts. It easily maintained through periodic oil changes. The maintenance costs for diesel generators are cheaper than gasoline types since it does not have carburetor or spark plugs, you will spend less in keeping it running in good condition. As for lubrication, diesel engine lubricants are far cheaper than those used in gasoline engines.
  7. A Diesel engine is very durable and long lasting and if regularly maintained and used, it can last you for several years of uninterrupted use.
  8. Overall consumption of diesel engines is less than other generator sets, and even if it is fuel efficient, it can still run for several hours because it easily cools down fast due to water and air-cooled engine types.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generator Set

Like any generator sets, a diesel generator can have its own share of drawbacks, here are some:

  1. Diesel is not a clean fuel. The exhaust extraction must be assessed appropriately for the kind and location of the diesel generator. Local regulations will have to apply on this matter.
  2. A diesel generator can be heavier than other generator sets.
  3. Diesel fuel dislikes moisture. Running them in unclean fuel can lead to some maintenance issues along the way.
  4. A diesel generator can be noisier than other alternate powered generator sets. Depending on the location and size of your back up generator, you should check and inquire on local laws regarding the use and installation of your unit.


Under loading is the main culprit that causes damage to diesel generators. Diesel generators can work best when they operate at very high capacity which is about 75% of its maximum recommended load. Whenever used at very low capacity, for instance only 15% of its load, it can result in carbon build up and glazing internally which in the long run can result in soot build-up and residue from unused fuel. The accumulated soot or carbon deposit, in the long run, clogs the unit’s piston rings and cause irreparable and costly damage to it.  

How Long Does A Diesel Power Generator Run

Liquid cooled generators can last longer than their gas-powered counterparts. A properly serviced diesel generator set can give you uninterrupted power supply of up to 20000 hours compared to a gas generator which only runs 6000 hours and servicing must be done to keep it running efficiently.

Diesel Generator Major Features


Cost Efficiency


Many generator sets are specially designed for outdoor use and can run with the help of low performing diesel or the construction grade which is very affordable fuel type. In the United States, the price of diesel is more expensive than gas. However, gas generators are not recommended for continuous run on more than 75% load. This is where a diesel generator becomes more cost-effective power generation. For this and other reasons, the smallest diesel generators generate 5,000 watts. These are more efficient with heavier loads.


Good Life Expectancy


A liquid cooled diesel generator unit has a good life expectancy and can very much outlast a gas and other fuel-powered generator sets. A properly serviced diesel generator can go up to as much 20000 hours of use before it requires any maintenance work, whereas the gasoline-powered generator set can only go up to 6000 hours of use.


Can Tolerate Cold Temperatures


Diesel powered generator sets can operate even in very low temperatures with the help of some fuel additives. Gasoline-powered generators are unable to work in freezing cold conditions.


Fuel Efficient


Diesel generators exhibit efficient fuel consumption rates and can win over other fuel types generator unit sets like gas generators.


Diesel Fuel Is Safe To Use


Diesel fuel, unlike any other fuels, is very safe to use. It is because it has a high flash point which requires hotter temperatures to light. The fuel is not as flammable as gasoline. Fire hazards and explosions are therefore avoided with diesel-powered generator sets.


Heavy Duty


Diesel powered generators are designed to work best while heavily loaded as under loading can damage it. Expect your unit to crank up over long periods of time but still supply efficient power to your home or office.


Readily Available In Emergencies


Many vehicles and equipment run on diesel. This means you will always have a good supply of fuel whenever you needed it the most.


5 Best Diesel Generators


Consumers who are in the market for generators can be faced with overwhelming choices. But, while many generator sets can appear desirable, those powered by diesel fuel offers the most number of advantages. Diesel power generators are safe to use, lasts longer, and necessitate the least maintenance.


When an emergency occurs, your safety and electrification needs will depend on a reliable diesel power generator to get you out of your woes. Finding the right one will be the answer to your power outage problems.


We spent some time looking into diesel generators, and we have rounded up the top 5 best diesel generators for 2019. Here they are -


1、The Dayton Portable Generator 5000 Watts Diesel

This diesel generator is regarded as one of the best portable diesel generators for home backup. Those who like something compact but offers a decent power supply and running times, this is it. It only weighs 302 lbs. It has a peak capacity of 9,160 watts and a rated running capacity of about 5,000 watts. It comes with a 2.6 gallon capacity fuel tank, runs at 85db noise level, and can operate for 6.8 straight hours at 50% load.


2、The DuroStar DS7000Q 6,500 Watts

The DS7000Q is a powerful generator that offers great pricing options and can run for 12 hours at 50% load. It is very efficient, and boasts of a muffler system that is highly soundproof for a guaranteed quiet operation. Its starting capacity is 6,500 watts and the rated running capacity of 5,500 watts. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 3.8 gallons and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


3、The Generac 6864 5000

Generac 6864 power generator is deemed as the most durable generator as it comes with an industrial grade Yanmar LW Series engine, powers at 3600 RPM and is air cooled. The 6864 peaks has a starting load of 5,000 watts and has a rated running load of the same level. Its tank volume is substantial at 12 gallons, and runs for 32.4 hours at 50% load.


4、The Cummins Onan 10KW 83/42A Diesel Commercial QD 10000


This power diesel generator is rated as the best portable diesel generator. It can run 3 air-conditioning units and still can simultaneously operate other appliances. This comes with a 4-cycle liquid cooled engine, a fuel tank with 12 gallons maximum capacity, and can run for 32 hours at 50% percent load. It peaks at 12,500 watts and has a rated running wattage of approximately 10,000 watts.


5、The Larson Electronics 11 kW Portable Generator


For those looking for a bigger capacity generator, check out Larson Electronics 11 kw diesel generator. It has a 4-cycle 3 cylinder diesel engine and can produce 11,000 watts of power. Its engine can speed up to 3600 rpm, holds up to 28 gallons of fuel, and emits noise to about 68dbA which is the same as what your hand dryer makes. It has a 12 volts DC output and a capacity for 120-240v of AC load. This generator surely packs a punch for a budget friendly diesel generator.


The Bottomline


Diesel power generators are preferred widely by many users as they are very low maintenance and can cost less in the long run. The major maintenance it needs is a mere change oil, and when done regularly can assure you a good running generator that can last for years with continued use. Diesel generators perform the exact same workload and at the same time they do not burn as much fuel as gas generators. Overall, they tend to outlast other generators in terms of performing the same amount of work for less.

5 Best Diesel Generators:Waiting for you to sit on the sofa!


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